Welcome to Simon Bull Sculptures.

A sculpture can be a superb addition to any garden. It can frame a view, create a focal point or simply draw your eye to an overlooked part of the garden.

I believe that a garden sculpture should enhance its environment without overshadowing its surrounding. For this reason, the shapes and materials I use complement and echo the patterns, colours and textures found within nature.

I do not try and hide the processes and materials I use to make the sculptures. In many cases, the welding is intentionally left rough and the concrete bases have imperfections, resulting in a natural and authentic piece of work.

You can see photographs of my work alongside details of sizes and materials in the Gallery. There is also the opportunity to buy sculptures online.

If you have any questions or require any further information regarding delivery or international shipping, you can email me at mr.simon.bull@googlemail.com or using the Contact form.

Thanks again for visiting my website.